“Thousands shared a memorable and joyful day on Saturday 21 April when spectacular animal puppets and hundreds of masked children filled the city centre for RAMM’s 150th anniversary Carnival of the Animals. Music filled the air. There was dancing in the streets. Creative activities brought people together and gave an electric vibrancy to the Cathedral Green, Princesshay, Rougemont and RAMM. Even the heavens smiled upon the celebrations, unlike on the original opening, when rain was “pelting pitilessly” with “driving wind and occasional storms”.  The 150th anniversary day will be remembered by countless people for the fun, dazzling animal costumes, sunshine and warmth of both the day and the party-goers.”

See more about RAMM here: https://www.rammuseum.org.uk/about-ramm/ramms-150th-anniversary/carnival-of-the-animals/

Geraldine the Giraffe was constructed on site at RAMM and paraded through the streets as part of the Carnival of the Animals Parade.

A selection of Facebook live videos of the event are available on the RAMM FB page.




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