Shademakers were invited by the Nice Tourism Board to take part in this year’s carnival celebrations on the Cote d’Azur.


18 of us spent the week in Nice, taking part in five parades with the Equida horse costumes.
On our first night, we watched their first LGBT parade and got a feel for how the parades look from the raked seating in the main square. Those watching take an active part by spraying silly string and paper confetti over each other and the performers alike.
Our first performance was on the Saturday 20th in the Battle of the Flowers Parade. This runs in a circular form along the sea front. Audience members pay 26 Euros for a seat or 11 Euros to stand and watch. On most days, the seating sells out completely. Floats laden with flowers travel the course and individual flowers are thrown to the crowd who show enormous pleasure in trying to collect as many as possible. Between these floats are other performing/dancing groups from around the world.
We also took part in two night parades and two other day parades.


Chester George of Roller Films was there to record some of our performance, so watch this space for action footage of our time in Nice.
Whilst there, we had enquiries about performing in Rome, Nantes and other European festivals.
We were visited by a small team from BBC Lincoln, who wanted to see us in action. We will be working with them on an exciting World War 1 Project in July of this year.
On our day off, we took a bus trip along the coast to Monaco and to Menton, home of the Fete de la Citron.

Video of Nice

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