Costume Production

Shademakers are renowned for their work with kinetic structures, we term “Dancing Structures”. A benchmark of our work is the high quality of design and execution. We have an extensive storage facility containing materials of every description and an extensive suppliers list to suit every costume build imaginable. Over 25 years of experience is available to deal with any conundrum, confusion and complication in the execution of your costume. Our costumes are designed to perform in all weather conditions, whether night time illuminated or day time reflective. Modern technological developments with LED reflective material, hydraulic and kinetic engineered movement are employed in our work.

Carnival Archive

An extensive library of carnival related books is available for research and reference purposes. Information is available from world carnivals, from South America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Far East.  Other related books contain imagery, typography and visual data which has inspired ideas and methods of construction in the production of our work. The library includes printed, film and video, dvd and recorded information throughout the entire history of Shademakers Carnival Club. It includes theme synopsis and descriptions of narrative costume shows.

Workshop Facilities

Castleworks has three distinct production areas:

  • First stage facilities for woodwork, metalwork and frame-making.
  • Fabrication for fibre glass and wire work construction
  • Decorative arts using a range of surface materials for the completion of small and large scale costume

Members and participants can receive training and support to work in these areas.


One of our main functions is to conceive, conduct and curate project work. A consequence is our relation to organisations, local authorities and commissioners to provide the City-scale spectacle show. Our project work includes the first carnival in Post-communist Russia; the King & Queen of the World Competition, Trinidad; the first Berlin Carnival of Cultures; Organisation of the Bielefeld Carnival of Cultures; the Hanover Expo 2000; the Millenium Dome 2000; the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, The Mall; the Faszination Mythos – Varus Battle; 2011 Island Games; 2012 London Olympics Torch Ceremony; BBC’s Green Fields Beyond, Lincoln.

We will undertake large and small commissions for both private and public events.


We can provide hands-on training, support and lectures in a variety of areas related to carnival arts. The subject matter concerns artists, philosophers and students alike. It studies the condition of social interaction, which relates to the contemporary hybridised carnival we know today. Through debate and reflective learning we provide an understanding of the ritualised celebration and commemoration between life and death ceremony.

Learning programmes are tailored to suit your needs and can be provided both as our in house training and outreach.


We welcome collaboration with groups locally, nationally and internationally. Membership over 25 years have numbered in excess of 1 500 people.

Activities have ranged from joint performances, training, choreographed shows to world touring. We maintain and foster existing links and look forward to encountering new partners. Our philosophy is to engage public space as common ground for celebration, unifying common themes in diversity and strength through unity.