Building relationships is not simply about talking & listening, but about shared experience. Hullabaloo 2018 will bring people together, through play & exploration: building sandcastles together; making new creations; learning about the environment we live in & the fascinating world of science; watching weird & wonderful contraptions take over the roadway; planting seeds & sowing new ideas.
By bringing artists, creators, community groups & “ordinary people of all ages”, together with scientists, engineers & businesses, this exciting weekend of discovery & celebration on the Isle of Wight will engage people in a unifying, uplifting & unconventional way, helping to helping to build relationships & find common ground amongst those who ordinarily do not meet.

Hullabaloo will be completely open to all, embracing diversity and actively encouraging those with additional needs to take part. Many aspects of Hullabaloo involve intergenerational activity encouraging, sharing of skills & stories/experiences.

The main elements of Hullabaloo will be the Makers’ World, Soap Box Challenge, demonstrations from The Science Museum & Wonderstruck, Cycle Circus, Carnival parade & creative activities for all.

The Makers’ World is “an event created to “celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects & the Do-It-Yourself mindset”. This unusual combination of makers, from blacksmiths & textile artists to puppeteers & 3D printer designers will bring a host of makers together. It will attract people of all ages & allow makers to show off their skills & inspire others.

Before & during to the 2 day event, workshops of varying levels will be offered locally to schoolchildren and community organisations & youth groups.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us as soon as possible on

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