It is of the greatest indulgence that we enter into a Carnival theme outlining the story of Manchester’s first gang culture. Ancoats, in the city’s northern quarter was home to the Bengal Street Tigers, and in this year of India’s celebration we intend to address a hidden history linking Cottonopolis to St Mark’s football team of 1894 and the great Manchester City Football Club. Both Artist, Designers Sharon George and Paul McLaren of Shademakers can claim rightful heritage to the city, whose fathers were born in Ancoats and Collyhurst respectively. It is by way of homage to a place which has become a distant staging post in the life of two carnival protagonists who have continued on a path of poor migration to a life of absurd fantasy from the city we owe so much to, whose greatest export was arms and legs. We are many and they are few.” Paul McLaren

First presented at Nice Carnival 2017, Tiger Tiger has up to 15 fully articulated tiger costume back packs complete with lights.

This may be combined with up to 10 tiger dancer costumes.

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